Motor Insurance

Life is a journey and we help you make it safer with our wide range of automotive covers.

Being a car owner puts a lot of responsibility on one’s shoulders. You’re not just responsible for yourself but also for the safety of everyone else around you on the road.

From accidents and a loose bumper to third party claim-coverage, Asia facilitates its customers with cost effective insurance options to protect them from anything and everything. Motor Insurance is complete auto insurance plan for both individuals and corporate offering which includes theft, snatching, armed hold up, accidental damage, third party liability and terrorism. We give you the liberty to have your vehicle repaired at the workshop of your own choice and cost of repairs being directly settled with the workshop. 

Asia’s motor insurance coverage starts as low as just 1.5% of your car value.

Our Motor Insurance Products

Third Party Only

Third party motor vehicle insurance protects you in the event that you have caused some sort of damage or harm to another person’s property by your vehicle. It protects you from all financial losses arising due to accidental damage liability in all forms to third party; including, property damage or bodily injury, death or both. 

However, it only covers damages to the third party only and any sort of harm to your vehicle or body is not covered by this particular policy type.

Comprehensive Cover

The most suitable and widest form of cover, comprehensive insurance plan protects policyholders against financial losses of all kinds, accidental loss to vehicle, theft of car and third party liability claims.

Besides covering accidental damage and collision, comprehensive insurance also covers incidents that are not in your control such as, overturning, fire, theft and natural disaster including earthquakes and hail.


Theft, Third-Party and Total Loss Insurance (3T)

Asia Insurance’s 3T policy is the second most useful policy after comprehensive, especially for Pakistani car owners. Theft, third party and total loss insurance guarantees maximum financial protection to policyholders in case of an accident. If you wish to claim a replacement of your damaged car, you may do so through this policy, but the condition is that the cost of repairs that your vehicle requires, must exceed its market value.



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