Personal Insurance Coverage

Making you feel secure is our top priority.

Over the past four decades, we have helped our customers save thousands of rupees through insurance. From unexpected medical emergencies to car accidents, unforeseen circumstances can drain your savings and we want to help you avoid that.

Asia Insurance offers comprehensive policies which are inclusive, economical and tailored for its valued clients. The company’s aim is to provide a steady hand, helping people to stand back onto their feet when they experience a mishap while prudently managing risks.

Asia offers personal insurance products for motor, health and travel.

Motor Insurance

Got that dream car? Secure it with our motor insurance policy!

A car insurance policy not only protects you and your car from any risks and damages that may lead to financial losses, it also ensures peace of mind and security when you’re out on the roads.

Starting From

PKR 1,220/-


Travel Insurance

Protecting you from thousands of miles away

Asia’s travel insurance plans provide global coverage for unforeseen incidents such as medical emergencies, accidents, loss of baggage or passport, Why pay thousands of dollars abroad when you can secure your trip for just a few hundred rupees?

Starting From

PKR 1,318/-

Health Insurance

Take care of yourself while caring for your loved ones 

Health insurance policies offer protection against expenses incurred in case of illness or injury. In case of a medical emergency, allow us to worry about the bills while you focus on healing. 

The health insurance cover you need is just a few clicks away.

Starting From

PKR 1,179/-

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