Motor vehicles are getting more advanced, high-tech, and expensive with  each passing day. Investing in a luxury car brings up numerous risks and doubts in the mind of a buyer. Like any other valuable, a car too requires maintenance and checking it regularly helps increase the engine life. A healthy engine and a well-kept car can help keep you and your family

Remember, a well-maintained old car can outlive a newer car that’s been neglected by its owner. However, most people fail to understand that and tend to wait till there’s a major fault so they can take it to the mechanic. This might be because they are afraid of the expenses.  

Car insurance is a rather good way to keep you from giving off extra money for maintenance every few months or in case of an accident.

Here are some car maintenance tips every car owner should follow:

Examine the battery every few weeks

The battery plays a vital role in an automobile, make sure you check it regularly. Extreme temperatures can impact the battery. Check the fluids so it doesn’t get overheated. It is also very important that corrosion stays far away from your vehicle’s batteries.

Check tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is another crucial aspect when it comes to checking up on your vehicle as these are the mighty things that carry you around. Check that they have the right pressure as mentioned in the manual.

Change air filter regularly

An air filter helps circulate air in your engine, improving its performance. Further, an air filter can greatly affect your fuel consumption when it’s clogged. Experts recommend replacing the filter each time the vehicle crosses 12000 miles. It primarily depends on how much you ride.

Brakes should be on-point

If your car brakes are giving off some really weird noises like grinding, squealing, or a long sharp noise then it’s high time that you take a closer look at your brakes or consult your car insurance or mechanic. Rattling or intermittent sounds are something that calls for  immediate attention.

Overall fluid check

Your basic car maintenance routine should include checking up on oils as many machines are working within the vehicle that generates a lot of friction and oils balance out everything. Also, motor oil isn’t the only fluid that needs your attention. There are a few more like car brake fluid, some transmission fluids, coolant, and windshield washer fluids that need to be looked after.

Sustaining safety on the road and preventing high-cost economic difficulties after an accident requires the right motor vehicle insurance policy so you don’t have to always worry when bringing your vehicle on the road.

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