Glossary of Insurance Terms

General Insurance

Add On

Special insurance coverage can be initiated for projects or objects that do not fall under conventional policies. Although this requires an additional premium, it covers all kinds of adventurous activities and may include reducing your excess or covering it on rental vehicle insurance.


Agreed value

In case you have made modifications to the car or if the car is in good condition, you can ask for agreed value insurance that factors in extra details you want included in the policy. The agreed value for the vehicle is usually more than the market value for it and thus the policy for it is also a little more expensive. Agreed value policies depend on your financial needs, the value you place in your car, and other personal reasons. 



Something with monetary value that is covered by your insurance policy is an asset. It could be a car, a house, or any other expensive personal item. The insurer is bound  (in accordance with the policy’s terms and conditions) to cover the cost of the asset if it is damaged or destroyed and the policyholder claims insurance on it.

Travel Terms

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Accidents which cause damage to limbs, sight, or loss of life while traveling.


Baggage Delay 

If the baggage you are traveling with is redirected to a place other than your destination or does not arrive in time of your arrival at the said place. 


Baggage and Personal Effects Loss

If the luggage, personal items, documents, or any other belongings carried by the traveler are lost on a trip.


Motor Insurance


An unforeseen or sudden event that causes damage to the insured asset. 


Agreed Value

The amount of money that is agreed upon by you and the insurer to establish a payout limit (vehicle write-off). The agreed sum cannot be changed until the policy is renewed. 


Anti-Theft Device

Any devices or items installed into a vehicle for the purposes of preventing theft and other damage to the asset. These may also include vehicle identification parts like number plates. 




A sum of money you are bound to pay for availing a medical service before the rest of the amount is paid by the insurance company. 



The sum of money you are liable to pay annually for medical care expenses before the insurance policy starts to cover your costs. Usually, plans with low deductibles are more expensive than ones with high deductibles. 



Any special conditions or medical services that the insurance policy does not cover for you.


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